Helen has noticed Pat is distracted about something.

Radio Times: Nic’s plans are taking shape and Will receives an offer of help.

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  • Helen is finally planning to go back to work but only 3 days a week. Obviously the Farm can continue to support her part time despite their financial problems. Jennifer meanwhile has even more difficult problems trying to buy a swimsuit. Cheese sales at Ambridge Organics are doing well, sadly not the yoghurt. Fruit and nuts are fantastic and Kirsty has needed to order more.
  • Nic’s dress has arrived and it seems to fit. She is thrilled with how she looks. She really wants to show Helen. She hasn’t found a dress yet but she wants to match Mia’s pink.
  • James has been on the phone to Brian. He still wants to photograph Will’s wedding. They seem to think it’s going to be some sort of Thomas Hardy rustic nuptials and Brian can see shepherd crooks appearing. He hopes Will will have the sense to turn them down! Jennifer wants Brian to go shopping with her but he is too busy opening the new market and finding an alternative to the dairy project with Adam being so intransigent.
  • Will has had the call from James and has told him no way. They were disgraceful at the bonfire display, really upsetting people. And when James suggested he should wear something more traditional than a suit, Will told him where to go. They’ve chosen a photographer anyway and want a video as well.
  • Helen has noticed that Pat is rather distracted. Tony tries to tell her it’s nothing – she just doesn’t like losing the organic label. Helen isn’t convinced but Tony says she’ll be fine.

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