Christine loses her house guest when Jim goes home but Susan acquires some more when Tracy turns up on the doorstep with the kids.

Radio Times: There is an unexpected arrival in Ambridge, and Christine seeks reassurance.

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  • Jim and Christine are enjoying a crossword when Jim says he thinks it must be about time to go home. Christine is still worried that Clive hasn’t gone. Jim tells her he must have done or he’d be breaking his parole condition. But he won’t go until Christine feels safe. Christine goes to ask Susan if he’s really gone and she assure her he has.
  • Christmas pudding ice cream manufacture is going ahead. They aren’t making much at the moment – no point until the rebranding. Susan is going to have to have a full house at Christmas. She’ll definitely end up with Bert and Gary and probably the rest as well. Pat is still fussing about Rich. She wants Susan to find out Sharon’s married name but Susan isn’t keen on getting involved.
  • Lynda wants Jim to sing his poetry at the Christmas show rather than recite. Jim teases her by suggesting he might accompany himself on a lyre and she is quite taken in by it. She does manage to persuade Christine to make a pumpkin pie.
  • Susan is clearly quite exhausted. She’d really like to wash her hands of the lot of her family if she could. And then Tracy turns up on the doorstep, kids in tow. She’s left Den.
  • Once Christine is satisfied Jim has gone, he decides he will go home. But they swap keys and he is still going to go round for supper.

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