Susan insists that if Tracy wants to stay in Ambridge the least she can do is help out with Bert and Gary.

Radio Times: Susan has her hands full and David does the decent thing.

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  • David and Pip are sorting out the Herefords for the Christmas market. But Pip is fed up with David being so grumpy. He claims it isn’t down to the milk contract but he’s obviously annoying about something. But he does have time to help Pip choose the animal for the primestock show.
  • Susan has been dumped with looking after the kids while Tracy decides to sleep in. She can’t even be bothered to get the kids to school.
  • Brian is furious with Adam. There are rumblings of discontent on the BL Board – they are saying he has misled them over the plans for the dairy unit because Home Farm isn’t on board. And it’s his fault for going to the Board with a half baked plan. David has some better news though; he has found a list of farmers who might be interesting in supplying feed for the dairy unit. Brian thinks it might give him a viable Plan B to present to the Board.
  • It is bedlam at the Carter’s. Loud music, dirty shoes, Tracy smoking. And Tracy does nothing but yell at the kids. It’s all Den’s fault apparently – he lost his job and wouldn’t get another one and the rent hasn’t been paid for two months. Finally Susan tears into Tracy to tell her she can’t cope and she seems shocked – but Susan insists. The least Tracy can do if she is staying in Ambridge is to give Susan a hand.

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