Pat is more convinced Rich is her grandson and extracts Sharon’s phone number from Susan.

Radio Times: Helen worries about her mother, and Susan is put on the spot.

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  • Helen is still concerned that Pat isn’t concentrating. Helen is off bridesmaid dress shopping. She doesn’t sound convinced by the idea of pink. Helen tells Kathy about her worries about Pat and she agrees to go round and have a chat with her.
  • Neil isn’t keen on Tracy staying with them. The children are driving him mad even though it’s not his fault. At least Tracy has said she will help look after Bert and Gary.
  • Things aren’t looking any better at the Horrobin’s house. Gary can’t even bring dishes out of his room. Tracy is there but really isn’t much use. Neil is desperate to get rid of her and for her to find somewhere closer to home. But for the time being, Susan is just grateful to have a bit of help.
  • Kathy is surprised that Pat has told Susan about her thoughts about Rich since she is such a dreadful gossip. She didn’t learn anything new but still believes he is John’s child. Kathy tells her opening all this stuff up again will just hurt and reopen old scars. But Pat is becoming more and more convinced.
  • Later Pat visits Neil and Susan to get Sharon’s phone number. Susan couldn’t think of reason not to give it to her but feels bad about it. Neil tries to convince her that what Pat does really isn’t her problem.

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