Pat persists and finds the evidence she seeks: John had a son.

Radio Times: Pat is unable to resist, while Alan makes a suggestion.

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  • Women! Can’t do with them; can’t do without them. As is customary just lately, Pat is lost in her thoughts. She admits to Tony that Sharon’s phone number is burning a hole in her pocket. He professes not to be in the least bit curious; if Pat had asked he would have advised against getting the number. If she rings Sharon, who knows where it could lead?
  • For Neil, squealing pigs are a blessed relief from Tracy’s children. While Susan stresses over whether Pat will ring Sharon, Neil doesn’t know and doesn’t care. As if she hadn’t got enough to do, Susan gets and invitation from Lynda to join the catering team. Neil gives her a very firm refusal, for which support Susan is very grateful. His reward is unjustly thin – two hours of babysitting the unruly visitors.
  • Lynda’s next encounter is more fruitful: Alan’s mother-in-law Mabel has volunteered to read a Jamaican Christmas story or poem.
  • Pat is so absorbed that she doesn’t hear Tony approaching. So in what clandestine activity have she and her laptop been engaged? She’s been seeking Kylie’s Facebook page. Together they find it. There is a photo of Rich. He’s the image of John. There’s no doubt about it now: John had a son.

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