Brian is stressed over the market. Pat drives on with her quest.

Radio Times: Tony tries to make his point and Will saves the day.

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  • Working together on Mia’s angel costume for the nativity play, Nic gets the feeling that Clarrie is worried that she cannot afford a new outfit for the wedding.
  • In the spirit of keeping the boss informed, Will updates Brian on tomorrow’s shoot but is blasted for it – too much detail for man with market opening on his mind. So he calls in at home for a moan to Nic. When he hears about his mum’s anxiety, he rings her with an invitation to a shopping trip – his treat.
  • At Bridge Farm, the argument continues: Pat wants to ring Sharon but Tony counsels against it; give in, Tony, she’s a bulldozer and it’s going to happen. He tries an unusually forthright approach and it has an effect on Pat: it makes her realise that she should tell Tom and Helen before taking any action. So at supper tomorrow she will tell them, they can discuss it as a family, then she will take action!

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