Brian’s big day is marred by an electrical fault. Pat drops her bombshell.

Radio Times: Things look bad for Brian, and Pat manages to misjudge the mood.

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  • Joe has to admit that the new market site is impressive in size and technology, though he is somewhat sceptical about that – just to sell a few beasts – and about all the bio-security measures. Tony, too, is ever ready to pour cold water over Brian’s pride and joy. Phut! Out went all the lights. Joe is not slow to criticise the subsequent lack of hot food and drinks.
  • Pat is sharing her reminiscences of John with an uncomprehending Henry, more bent on eating John’s photo than looking at it. Tom phones to say he is meeting a buyer this evening, so will be late for the planned family meal. Pat is undaunted; the meal can be later because they really want Tom there.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Tony cannot resist a bit of Schadenfreude, regaling the family with tales of the first day of the new market – how, with the computers down, sales tickets had to be hand-written. Pat is distinctly on edge and the reason is soon clear when she presents her suspicion that Kylie’s brother Rich is John’s son. It does not go to plan; Helen is very upset. Pat is surprised by this; Tony is not; he warned her the reaction might not be what she hoped. Tom consoles his sister but she is really fearful of dredging up what to her was a terrible time.

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