Lilian gears up for the market’s big day. Tony hopes for a flop. Helen implores Pat to stop.

Radio Times: Helen is struggling, and Brenda plays truant.

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  • Brenda meets Lilian at the market site, on her return from a research trip to Nottingham. Lilian is off to shop for a new coat for tomorrow’s big opening – the Primestock Show; Brenda, however, is explicitly not invited by Lilian. Cow!
  • Helen has decided to make some cheese; Tony thinks it is to get away from Pat. She should back off, not pressurise her children.
  • Brenda unloads her fury onto Tom, over a drink at Jaxx. More importantly they discuss yesterday’s bombshell. Tom is very worried about Helen; all her problems go back to John’s accident. Tom himself is struggling to make sense of it. All his life he has tried to move out from John’s shadow – now this happens.
  • Pat ‘helps’ in the dairy but does take no for an answer when Helen declares there is nothing more for her to do. Then comes a tearful plea not to ring Sharon: Helen is just not ready for that.
  • Lilian has had a successful shopping trip and calls to show off her new coat to Tony (not her first choice but all the other candidates are otherwise engaged). She notices the photo of John but it is quickly put away. Tony would dearly love for something to go wrong tomorrow at the Primestock show; careful what you wish for, Tony!

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