The Primestock Show goes without a hitch but there’s no prize for Brookfield.

Radio Times: It is the day of the Primestock Show but William could face another crisis.

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  • As winner of the native breeds’ class last year, David has a lot to live up to at the Primestock Show. The new facilities are impressive but Eddie found that people are slow to find their way round. It’s so much bigger than the old site.
  • Brian is on a charm offensive and Annabelle is looking stunning in her new coat – a red one. Cliff has been given an earful over Tuesday’s electrical problem; that’s do a lot of good.
  • Clarrie is taking advantage of the opportunity to sell mistletoe and holly in the car park – all cleared with Rodway’s. She and Ruth have a giggle over the fact that Annabelle and Lilian have identical coats.
  • Back at Brookfield, Ruth ponders the possibility of seeking another outlet for their milk. David has to bear not even being placed in the native breeds’ class.
  • There is an article in The Echo about the market. It’s about the electrical fault on Tuesday and features Joe. With the opening behind him, Brian is now worrying about the arable farmers who have not responded about supplying the dairy unit. He will have to ring them next week. No, he won’t! He will be on holiday and Jenny is not letting business intrude upon it.

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