Tom is very clear: his mum should not ring Sharon.

Radio Times: Tom makes his feelings clear, while Mike puts a foot wrong.

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  • Mike is in the doghouse. ‘Just one drink’ he had said, but the state of his head is evidence that he had many more than one in The Bull last evening.
  • Ian has had any idea about the dessert course for Lynda’s Christmas Show: thirteen tiny desserts from France representing Christ and the disciples.
  • Vicky brings Mike a peace offering – a sample of her baking this morning. Mike tries to explain his extended birthday drinking session but Vicky is really not impressed – she was waiting at home, wanting an early night – so much so that she takes back her peace offering and gives it to Lynda instead.
  • Helen explains to Ian her feelings on the subject of John’s son. When John died Helen ran away, trying to escape how she was feeling. Being busy was her salvation. Then Greg died. She has done well but fell to pieces when the bombshell was dropped. She should focus on Henry.
  • Lynda corners Tom into supplying chipolatas for the Christmas Show but he doubts if she will succeed in getting Brenda to help serve. Then Pat wants a word: they haven’t talked since Tuesday. Tom, however has done a lot of thinking and his conclusion is: ditch the idea of ringing Sharon – not now, not ever. Draw a line under this fantasy and move on.

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