Pat is still obsessing about Rich. Jim offers to climb ladders to fix Christine’s Christmas decorations.

Radio Times: Pat can barely contain her emotions. Meanwhile, Jim lends a hand.

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  • Jim and Christine are still enjoying doing their morning crossword together and Jim is determined to make himself indispensable by offering to fix her gutter and put up her outdoor lights to save her getting Eddie in. Christine doesn’t regret not heading off to sunny climes like Brian and Jennifer – she loves Christmas in Ambridge. Jim has won a sweepstake to do the countdown for the Christmas Light switch on.
  • Lynda is trying to find decorations for the village hall and she and Robert come across a plastic walrus from her Sunningdale days dancing to Nanook of the North. Robert wants to throw it out but Lynda thinks it will make a great table decoration – she’ll have a competition with a prize for the best one! They also need to sort out presents. They’ll have to get something for James too now he’s practically part of the family.
  • Pat forces Kathy to study the photos of Rich and John and demands she agrees they are identical. Kathy thinks she might see a resemblance but doesn’t sound convinced. Pat does admit she knows it has upset Tom and Helen. Kathy says she understands but thinks Pat should stop going over it and also thinks she shouldn’t contact Sharon. But Pat doesn’t understand how they can bear not knowing. Pat is not in a mood to listen.
  • Pat decides to make Tony’s life a misery by doing a martyr act with the leeks. She has to spend all day chopping leeks because no one agrees with her.

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