Tracy is planning to move the children to Loxley Barrett and Neil thinks he’ll never get rid of her.

Radio Times: Neil is feeling exhausted, while Shula and Elizabeth consider an important purchase.

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  • Jim is making a meal of fixing Christine’s gutter and Neil has to come to the rescue. She is worried he is going to fall – like Peggy did yesterday tripping over one of her cats. But he does manage to get the lights fixed.
  • Shula and Elizabeth have found a pony for Freddie – Casper. He is being sold because another stable can’t afford to keep him going. Now it’s just to get a vet to check him and to see if Freddie likes him. Elizabeth is beginning to get nostalgic about Nigel’s last Christmas. Shula invites Elizabeth to Christmas lunch but it’s quite clear she has no intention of turning up if there is a risk David might turn up.
  • Susan has noticed Pat is still in a state and tried to pry into what she was doing. Neil is furious that she even mentioned it but Pat had just bitten her head up anyway.
  • Neil has had enough of Tracy and is trying to avoid her. She won’t even begin to look for somewhere else. She can’t keep dragging her children to the other side of Felpersham. Then Susan drops her bombshell – Tracy is trying to get the children into Loxley Barrett and Neil explodes.

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