Pat is getting more and more upset that Helen and Tom want to know nothing about Rich.

Radio Times: Helen tries to explain, and Will makes an effort to be tactful.

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  • Helen and Pat have been reduced to squabbling with the veg order for Ambridge Organics. And Pat is blaming herself. Tony tries to make peace with Helen but while she knows Pat didn’t mean to snap, she doesn’t sound willing to compromise. Tony tries to suggest that at least talking to Sharon would mean they knew once and for all. But Helen is 100% adamant that it must be taken no further.
  • Nic and Will are having to deal with a fallen tree, but the wedding preparations are nearly sorted. It’s beginning to feel real. Will still doesn’t know what Roy is planning for his stag night. Fallon is arranging the hen night – a stretch limo and heading for a club.
  • Joe is very keen that the children are at the lighting up ceremony. Especially since Joe has a special job this year turning on the Christmas lights for Jim. Joe has also found some mistletoe for Nic and Will. Will is about to say they already have some but Nic manages to shut him up and tells him it’s great. Joe will have another surprise for them later in the week too.
  • Tony tries to tell Pat how raw Helen is. He tries to explain she doesn’t want to live through the past again. Pat can’t understand it – it’s John’s son. Tony knows she is breaking her heart but they’ve done it properly and asked for Helen and John’s opinion and they must accept them but Pat just thinks it is going to be so hard.

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