Pat makes the inevitable call to Sharon and is told Sharon want nothing to do with her.

Radio Times: Pat teeters on the brink and Josh has an eye to the main chance.

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  • Josh seems to be enjoying helping Eddie cleaning up the parlour and is after more wages though David seems a bit sceptical. And Josh isn’t convinced that Eddie’s music is any good. And then David cheers them all up by telling them that the yield is down again. Josh thinks he should get time and a half over Christmas and David wonders where the money would come from.
  • The rebrand at Bridge Farm isn’t coming in cheap and Tony tries to talk to Pat about it but she isn’t really listening. They are babysitting again while Helen is out on the town. Pat is trying to see something of John even in Henry. Tony thinks they should take an evening out too but Pat won’t be convinced.
  • In the end, it all gets too much for Pat and she calls Sharon. And Sharon admits Rich is John’s son. But only biologically. He is a happy, sorted out young man and she isn’t going to let Pat ruin that. Pat asks what he knows about John and she says that he knows that his birth father is dead and that Eamon is all the father he needs. She didn’t tell them about John’s baby because they had always treated her like dirt and didn’t even bother to tell her he’d died. She had been going to see them to see if she felt she could tell them or not, but when she saw Pat, Pat just rejected her. One word of kindness would have made the difference but all Pat said was “I have nothing to say to you Sharon”. Instead of asking her in, she told her to go away. All Pat can say is “but if we’d known” as if it would have been okay to treat Sharon badly as long as she wasn’t pregnant. Pat didn’t deserve to know Sharon was carrying her grandson. She didn’t then and she doesn’t now. Sharon doesn’t want to hear from her again.

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