Susan convinces Neil that moving Tracy in with Bert and Gary is the answer to their problems.

Radio Times: There are celebrations on the village green. Meanwhile, Susan finds an inspired solution.

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  • Lynda is having trouble keeping her musicians for the concert – they keep dropping out though Alan has offered to stand in. She isn’t having a problem with her table decoration. That is a masterpiece. Though Vicky doesn’t sound so sure. At least Jazzer has agreed to sing instead of doing a recitation.
  • Helen and Tom are looking at the new Ambridge Organic designs but Pat doesn’t seem at all focussed and she wanders off half way through. But they are all planning to go to the lighting up on the green even if Pat isn’t interested. Helen and Tom do think they feel sorry for Pat, saying that she mustn’t get in touch with Rich. She is in enough of a state as it is, imagine how she would be if she did contact Rich……..
  • Neil is now fed up that Tracy has even started moving the furniture around including his favourite armchair. And the children have been using Susan’s favourite lampshade as a hat.
  • And the Green is all lit up….. it’s like fairy lights…….
  • Susan thinks the answer to Tracy is to move her into the house with Bert. Neil actually thinks it will be too small with the children but Susan points out the whole family was raised there when she was little. And when Neil realises the option is that she stays with them he suddenly becomes more keen on the idea and even agrees to decorate and put in a downstairs toilet to get Tracy out of the house. She’ll raise it with Tracy….. after Christmas.

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