Pat tells Tony she has phoned Sharon and is blaming herself for sending her away. Kenton thinks he may have solved the Archer Christmas problem by inviting everyone to The Bull on Christmas Eve.

Radio Times: Tony reels at the latest revelation, while Joe unveils a masterpiece.

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  • Peggy is still housebound after her fall but Elona is helping out every day. She seems to be fine but hasn’t been able to get to the Laurels and missed the lights switch on. Elizabeth has decided to buy the pony. Freddie is thrilled. And Lily is thrilled to be seeing Paris so should help ease them over the difficult time at Christmas. Jill is annoyed that she won’t join them for Christmas because of David. This stupid rift could ruin Christmas for everyone.
  • Joe has got another surprise for Nic. She is certainly startled by it! He seems to have rigged up some sort of canopy over Bartleby’s trap so he will be able to drive Nic to her wedding…… She tries to let him down gently – she’ll be getting changed at Grey Gables so she won’t need to ride there. He is so downhearted that Nice tells him the trap will just have to be perfect for something.
  • Pat is still all over the place and messing up orders. Pat finally confesses to Tony that she rang Sharon. And Sharon admitted Rich was John’s son. Pat tells him that Sharon had almost told them that she was pregnant but that they’d sent her away. She is blaming herself for not even saying one kind word. If she had Rich would have been part of their life for 13 years and she can’t forgive herself.
  • Later Jill rings Shula back to say she thinks she has sorted something out for Christmas. Kenton and Jolene will give them all tea at The Bull on Christmas Eve so it will be big enough for people to avoid each other but at least the children will be able to meet up. And it should mean Elizabeth will be happier to join them for lunch on Christmas Day.

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