Fallon thinks of a good idea. Nic thinks of a solution. Pat can think of only one thing.

Radio Times: Nic plans her hen night. Meanwhile, Pat and Tony consider the past.

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  • As the boys set off to plan Will’s stag night, Fallon and Nic discuss the hen night. Nic is worried about Emma; she will not want to come, but will bear a permanent grudge is she is not invited. Ever resourceful Fallon has a cunning plan.
  • As Pat gives Tony a hand with the veg boxed, she starts yet again on her rant about Sharon, going over and over the events following John’s death. Tony tries to calm Pat down, but she is in full flow and can only see, and endlessly rehearse, Sharon’s faults.
  • Fallon rings Emma with the date and time of the hen night, saying she realises Emma might have babysitting problems. Predictably, Emma takes the bait and says Ed will be out, so she will have to stay at home. Nic is very relieved. But she, too, has had a good idea. To avoid hurting Joe’s feelings, she and Will could do a lap of honour round the Green in the trap.
  • Roy admits that he is missing Phoebe terribly. Skyping her on Christmas Day just won’t be the same. But meanwhile he has rounded up all their friends and so he and Will can look forward to a great night out.
  • Tony books a meal to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but all Pat can do is embark on yet another rant, with a list of all Sharon’s sins. But for Sharon, John might still be alive. Tony tells her they must try to accept it and get on with their lives. An angry Pat agrees; they will just have to move on – somehow.

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