Tony makes an effort for Pat’s sake. Freddie and Lily make an effort for Elizabeth’s sake.

Radio Times: The family is worried about Pat, and Lily and Freddie celebrate their birthday.

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  • Lily and her mother watch Freddie try Caspar out. Freddie is delighted with the pony, and Lily is unusually charitable towards him, maybe because she has had lots of new clothes and a camera for her trip to Paris. Later, Freddie tells his sister they must make out that they are having a great birthday for Elizabeth’s sake.
  • As Helen and Tom load cheeses into the van for Tom to take to the food fair in Felpersham, they discuss Helen’s childcare arrangements for her return to work. It seems a perfect solution, though Helen is aware that she ill be very busy with the relaunch. They are concerned about Pat’s mental state. She seems abstracted.
  • Tony has persuaded Pat to go for an anniversary meal, so Tom stays to eat with Helen, since Brenda is at a council meeting to represent Amside. Helen is glad that Pat decided not to take things further with Sharon, as she thinks, and Tom is grateful to Lilian for offering to arrange something for Pat’s 60th birthday. Tom and Helen agree they must make sure Pat has a good birthday and Christmas.
  • Tony enjoys Brookfield beef while Pat has venison, though she seems to have little appetite. She struggles to appear cheerful, but does agree that they have had many good times as well as their past and recent troubles. Tony tells her how important she has been to him through it all, but Pat can only wonder whether she has the fight to keep going.
  • An exhausted Pat goes straight to bed when she gets back from The Bull. Helen asks her father whether Pat really had a good time. She can see that Pat is not herself, and is concerned that she may be slipping back into deep depression. Tony is adamant; he just won’t let that happen

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