Tony resorts to desperate measures. Brian gets a warning from Annabelle.

Radio Times: Tony makes an unexpected move, and Shula and Jill think ahead to Christmas.

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  • Memories of his wonderful holiday in the Maldives quickly fade as Annabelle brings Brian bad news. Martin Gibson has got to hear about the mega-dairy plan from a supplier, and is furious. He thinks Brian has leaked the idea, and fears that the media will get hold of it. Brian blusters as usual, but Annabelle is firm. He must be more discreet.
  • Jill and Shula join Elizabeth at Deck the Halls. Apart from problems with the ice rink, it is going well. Jill is delighted that Elizabeth and the children will come to Shula’s for lunch, but when she asks whether they will go on to The Bull for tea, Elizabeth makes an excuse and rushes off. Jill and Shula wonder how they can help Elizabeth at New Year.
  • As Jill looks for Christmas presents on the stalls, Shula tells her that Christine’s son Peter has offered to pay for a birthday meal at Grey Gables. Somewhat disapprovingly, she comments that Jim will be there too. Jill is just pleased they are getting on so well.
  • Beside himself with worry over Pat, Tony rings Sharon, but the phone is answered by Eamonn. When Tony gives his name, Eamonn becomes angry, accusing Tony of having caused hurt already, and telling him that Sharon wants nothing to do with them. Tony pleads his case, and mention of the pain caused by John’s death does appear to soften Eamonn’s heart. He agrees to tell Sharon that Tony rang, but says she won’t listen. Tony is just wasting his breath.

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