Kathy tries to make Pat see reason. Neil wishes Susan would see reason.

Radio Times: Pat is not thinking straight and Clarrie is helping out.

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  • Susan has gone into overdrive planning a Christmas drinks party, and poor Neil has to taste all her experiments, which he doesn’t much like. As he helps Tom unload pigs, Neil fails to understand why they have to have a drinks party and Christmas dinner for her family on the same day. But super-smug Tom is only half-listening as he boasts to Neil about how well he did at the food fair.
  • Kathy lends Clarrie some icing tools for the wedding cake, and uses all her tact as she is forced to admire Joe’s trap. But Clarrie is in cheerful mood; they have sold nearly all the turkeys, which will be slaughtered tomorrow, and Ed has asked if she will help with childcare when Emma returns to work. She is pleased to be able to help her family. Joe reminds her that she might yet find paid work; Clarrie has already told Ed that, and he will make alternative arrangements if it happens.
  • A very tense and troubled Pat calls at the Golf Club to see Kathy. She has decided to drive to Yorkshire in an attempt to see Rich come out of school, assuming she can find out which one he attends. Kathy is horrified, and points out how much damage it could do to Rich. But Pat’s obsession overrides everything else. She just has to see him.

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