Tony receives unexpected news. David discovers unexpected problems. It seems that the cabaret will be an unexpected success.

Radio Times: There is serious news at Brookfield and Tony receives an answer.

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  • Fallon calls on Lynda to get a clearer idea of numbers for catering at the cabaret. Tickets are going well, and they may well sell out. Fallon will also take charge of scenery, but is somewhat thrown when she catches a glimpse of Lynda’s walrus table decoration.
  • All is not well at Brookfield, where it seems that badgers have undermined the drainage from the lagoon. There is a very real risk of slurry polluting the watercourses. David manages to get an engineer out, but even he is unable to find anyone with spare capacity willing to take Brookfield’s slurry so that they can drain the lagoon. David will have to report the incident to the Environment Agency at once. Even so, he may face a hefty fine. Dairying is just one problem after another.
  • Tony receives a surprise call from Eamonn. He has spoken to Sharon, and has finally got her to agree to bring Rich to a meeting with Pat and Tony. It will at a place and time of Sharon’s choosing, and Rich will not be told that they are his grandparents, merely ‘old friends’. Pat and Tony will see Rich just once. Sharon’s terms are non-negotiable. A stunned Tony agrees to wait for Eamonn to ring him again with a date.

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