Jennifer fails to get the news she hopes for. David hears further bad news. Pat receives startling news.

Radio Times: Pat is stunned at the proposal and Pip makes herself useful.

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  • Jennifer is delighted to have Ruairidh home, though sad that Debbie will be staying with friends in Hungary until her next BL meeting. Brian is less than delighted at the prospect of Susan’s Christmas Day drinks party.
  • David is pleased to have Pip’s help on the farm, but concerned at the prospect of having to pay out £20K to have the lagoon lined to stop further damage by badgers. But at least he has the necessary permission to drain the lagoon.
  • Eamonn calls Tony to say that Sharon has got cold feet at the idea of Pat and Tony meeting Rich. He gives Tony an ultimatum; either they meet Sharon, Eamonn and Rich at the Leeds Christmas market at 2.30 on Sunday, and pretend to be old friends just bumping into them, or the whole thing is off.
  • Brian is grumpy about the amount of work Debbie has left him with over the mega-dairy, and Jennifer is sad to hear there is no chance of Debbie getting an earlier flight
  • Finding Pat still searching for Rich’s school on the laptop, Tony gently tells her about his conversations with Eamonn. Pat at first refuses to accept Eamonn’s terms but Tony has to be firm. They must not speak to Rich and they must never try to make further contact.

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