Emma can feel the baby moving. Ed turns up with his new, gorgeous American girlfriend, Beth

Radio Times: The Grundys get a big surprise.

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  • Will and Emma are enjoying Sunday morning when she feels the babies first kick. Will is impressed too. But Emma is looking forward to lunch with Clarrie, even though she has some indigestion. A knock at the door over lunch and Ed turns up! With Beth! His American girlfriend. They’ve been travelling around. Ed is struck rather speechless at the news of the baby but struggles through.
  • Joe is still working hard at his part – he’s even gone back to the original script and is sitting in the cold, just like Ebeneezer. Eddie has spotted Matt moving his suitcases into Honeysuckle Cottage. After all, who could live with Lilian.
  • Will is pretty cross with Ed turning up again. What a scrounger! What’s he doing with a beautiful girl like Beth
  • Clarrie is impressed with her home coming present. But not so happy about Ed and Beth sharing a room. But Eddie thinks he’s got the eye for a fine woman alright!

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