Lilian is still struggling with Matt’s break up. Brookfield seems to have bred a champion calf

Radio Times: Lilian gets a new neighbour.

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  • Ruth and David are pleased with their new bull calf. The best yet at Brookfield. Might even be a breeding bull. He’s got champion written all over him.
  • Lilian is suffering from a lack of cigarettes but Christine is getting on with a bit of gardening despite her back. They are looking forward to Peggy’s party. They’ve heard about Ed’s new girlfriend. Not sure if it will last. She maybe a bit out of his league. Christine breaks the news that Matt has moved into Honeysuckle Cottage. Lilian tries to tempt him over for a coffee but not a lot of enthusiasm.
  • Lilian pours her heart out to Jennifer. She is sure Matt is going to dump him. Then Matt turns up. It’s all a bit tense. She suggests he moves in with her but he doesn’t need the hassle. He blows up at her – he doesn’t want to feel suffocated.
  • Lilian has been buying new swimwear for the sponsored swim. Less is more! She tries to make out to Jennifer that Matt is suffering. That’s why he hadn’t told her about the move. Jennifer thinks he is right to take it one step at a time and not to move in with Lilian. He might end up resenting her. There is more than one way to skin a cat. When you’ve had something bitter, you fancy something sweet!

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