Kathy is really beginning to struggle with Meriel and Jamie is beginning to suffer.

Radio Times: Matt mixes business with pleasure.

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  • Shula and David are shifting bales for Joe’s turkeys. She’s signed up for the swimming challenge too. She and Ruth can get a bit of training in. They are still excited about the bull calf. Kenton has been dumping Meriel on Phil and Jill again. They just can’t cope – it’s so tiring for them. But David doesn’t want Ruth helping out – that is what Kenton wants.
  • Lilian is trying to be nicer to Matt. Seems to be working – especially if she is offering cooking. He is fed up with making decisions.
  • David tells Shula how relieved he was when Ruth’s x rays were clear. If they’d had to go through that all again, he doesn’t know if he could have done it.
  • Kathy has really got fed up with Kenton dumping Meriel on her. She had things to do. And Jamie is getting pretty fed up too. Meriel must feel so abandoned too. Kenton won’t put her to bed at a sensible time and then Jamie starts to compete. Jamie is playing up in class – it’s jealousy. He’s not concentrating and he’s tired. Ruth suggests she joins the swimming. Get some time together with Jamie, just the two of them.
  • Matt enjoys his home cooking. Lilian does try to press a bit. But Matt wants to stay where he is for now. He broaches the idea that Lilian needs to pay some rent. It might affect the divorce. The market rate perhaps – and he thinks it should be backdated…
  • Kathy really enjoys her swim. Ruth and Shula think a play group place for Meriel might be the thing to help settle her. But Shula won’t hear of Kathy sorting it herself. She musn’t let Kenton of the hook again.

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