Beth makes an impression

Radio Times: Joe makes a new friend.

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  • Beth surprises Joe practise 5 different sorts of tremor for Scrooge but she still agrees to go out with him in his trap. They come across Christopher Carter who is clearly smitten at first sight.
  • Emma is fed up being left alone in the shop by Kenton. He’s promised to find a playgroup for Meriel but she’ll believe it when she sees it. She’s fine about Ed being back with Beth. After all, she’s married now.
  • Susan is worried about taking on more work with the pigs. He couldn’t do anymore without extra help or they will never move into the new house. But Neil is waiting for the right moment.
  • Joe is having trouble with his turkeys. Health and Safety want him to have a cold store but it would cost thousands of pounds. But one thing you can always be sure about the Grundy’s is they always have the last laugh.
  • Ed and Beth still seem to be getting along. Joe thinks he can hear more wedding bells ringing soon but Kirsty wouldn’t put money on it just yet.

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