Lilian tells Jenny all

Radio Times: Lynda nears the end of her tether.

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  • It’s Rory’s birthday on Sunday. He’s two. Brian was quite upfront about it but Jennifer still feels resentful. Jack’s memory is getting worse.
  • Lynda is still trying to raise money for the Cat and Fiddle. And she’s practising for the sponsored swim. Usha seems rather better than her though. She’s having trouble with Joe in the play too. He’s late for rehearsals because he’s been looking out for his new “hygenic store” for his turkeys. Joe is also upset that some bits from the book have been missed out. But Lynda isn’t having any of it. If no one is going to take it seriously why should she bother!
  • Jack wants Peggy to enjoy herself. He’s worried she will spoil it by trying to do too much. So Jack has planned a special treat for them at Blenheim Palace. Jennifer is less than thrilled. She’s had to tell him. But there is a risk he will talk.
  • Lilian explains to Jennifer that they have now put things on a business footing with Matt. Jennifer isn’t impressed. It’s so mean, he’s really showing his true colours. But Lilian thinks it will all work out.

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