It’s a big day for Caroline and Oliver

Radio Times: Oliver and Caroline are called to duty.

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  • Meriel is being dumped on Shula today. But Kenton is quite incapable of planning ahead and he’s done nothing about the play group.
  • Oliver and Caroline were having a quiet day when the call comes with their first foster case. They want someone to come today. A 14 year old girl who needs emergency care. They are a bit shocked but ready to go. Then they get the call from Shula and need to take Meriel for an hour too.
  • Kathy tells some of her troubles to Owen. He seems prepared to listen… She always has to be the responsible one with Kenton but she has to when there’s a child involved. She feels as if she is just turning into a nag. She’s definitely being taken advantage of. Owen thinks she should stand up for herself.
  • Beth is showing Clarrie and Ed her sketches. She’s doing art at college. Clarrie is very impressed. Clarrie hopes Ed and William might start to get along now, like brothers should.
  • Oliver and Caroline get their first foster child. Kathy pours out her heart to a sympathetic Owen.

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