Emma has a visit from Ed

Radio Times: Will prepares for unwelcome guests.

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  • Ed’s in no mood for breakfast. Leaving Beth to sleep in, he rushes out of the house, and calls on Emma. An awkward conversation ensues, during which Ed tells her how wonderful Hungary was, how wonderful Beth is, and how wonderful his whole new life is. Not to be outdone, Emma tells him how happy she is with her new life. But she melts enough to suggest that he and Beth come round for a meal. After a moment’s hesitation, Ed agrees.
  • Still basking in the memories of her birthday dinner at Home Farm, Peggy is whisked off for a surprise family party, with the presentation of the photograph album. She’s delighted, and for once doesn’t sneer at Jack when he gets confused and forgetful.
  • Brian’s finding the celebrations a bit difficult; he’s had some birthday photos of Ruaridh from Siobhán, but no details of how Ruaridh is doing. Jennifer urges him to stop brooding, and Brian makes an effort, though not altogether a successful one.
  • When Ed gets back, Clarrie updates him on village gossip. He’s clearly bored with the minutiae of Ambridge life, until Clarrie happens to say that Emma’s baby is due in April. Ed goes very quiet.
  • At Casa Nueva, Emma tells Will about Ed’s visit, and that she has asked him and Beth to a meal. Will blows his top – he won’t have Ed in the house. Emma reminds him that Ed is his brother, and Will appears to relent.

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