Beth works her magic on Ambridge

Radio Times: Caroline comes to the rescue.

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  • Beth is making quite an impression on Ambridge. When Caroline meets her and Ed in the shop, she’s quick to ask them round for a meal. Even Lynda is fulsome in her praise.
  • The sponsored swim looks like sinking without trace. The Leisure Pool has problems with its filter, and Ruth isn’t sure that they’ll be able to re-schedule the swim. Lynda plays Job’s Comforter, then bores Ruth stiff with the details of her Heritage Lottery Fund meeting.
  • Ed’s keen to show his new girlfriend off to Oliver, who joins the rest of Ambridge in being very taken with her. He, too, invites them for a meal, and when Ed tells him, somewhat diffidently, about the invitation to Emma and Will’s, Oliver says it will be a good bridge-building exercise. Ed doesn’t sound convinced.
  • Oliver and Caroline go for a quiet drink at the Bull, but their evening is interrupted by Lynda, who in her usual bossy way, has decided that the swim must transfer to Grey Gables. Caroline agrees,but finds it difficult to shake Lynda off. Eventually Caroline and Oliver find space to agree that their first weekend as foster-parents went quite well. Caroline tells Oliver that he was right to send Ed off to Hungary; it’s been the making of him, and now there are two happy couples.

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