Kathy’s not pleased with Kenton

Radio Times: Julia finds herself a devoted fan.

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  • It’s a worryimg day for Pip; David and Ruth are off to their first parents’ evening at Borchester Green. But Pip needn’t worry; her teachers are very pleased with her progress, and she’s going to play a part in the forthcoming Christmas musical events. Pip is very relieved, and comes up with a name for the new bull calf – Brookfield Prince.
  • Julia’s worries are less easily swept aside. Her old fan Douglas is proving difficult to get rid of, despite Nigel’s assurance that he’ll soon get tired of hanging around.
  • Someone else with major worries is Kathy. She’s had to take time off work to see to Meriel, who’s had too much junk food from Kenton and has tummy ache to prove it. As usual, Kenton dismisses all Kathy’s accusations of irresponsible parenting. All he can think about is helping at the sponsored swim, and the promise of a visit to Santa’s grotto followed by pizza is supposed to restore Kathy’s good humour. What, she asks, is his idea of teamwork? It’s certainly not the same as hers.

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