Joe gets into his part

Radio Times: Feathers are ruffled at Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • Joe and Clarrie are practising their lines for ‘A Christmas Carol’, but Joe confuses Clarrie by playing both Fezziwig and Scrooge. Emma rings to say that the turkeys have got out. Ed and Beth come to the rescue, and eventually the mobile Christmas dinners are rounded up.
  • Beth makes friendly overtures towards Emma, who is not overly responsive, though she does ask if there’s anything Beth doesn’t eat. When Ed says he doesn’t like celery, Emma seems to know that already.
  • Tom’s going to discuss his expansion plans with the bank, but seems very confident. Clarrie says Neil had spotted Pat and Betty practising their Tai Chi; Pat says how much it helps her to relax. They discuss Kenton’s handling of the Meriel situation. Pat is convinced that Kathy does all the work, while Kenton hands out all the treats.
  • Tom comes back flushed with his triumph at the bank. He still needs to ensure that his staff can do extra hours, but brushes aside Pat’s concerns over Neil’s availability.
  • Ed suggests that Lynda Snell was behind the big turkey escape, in her animal rights role. Joe has other thoughts about Lynda; she’s decided to put the proceeds of the production towards the Cat and Fiddle project. Ruth’s sponsored swim is a far worthier cause.

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