Kathy hears the truth from Mel.

Radio Times: Things go swimmingly for Ruth.

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  • As the swimmers prepare for their fund-raising swim, Ruth and David discuss the fox-hunting ban. David is concerned that the debate will divide the family. Ruth’s concerned that Oliver has said he’s willing go to prison rather than stop hunting.
  • Kathy and Shula meet in Underwoods, where they are amazed to see Lilian buying another swimsuit; it appears that the designer one is for the photograph only; her olympic style one is for the action.
  • Kathy tells Shula she’s had a phone call from Meriel, and, unsurprisingly, Kenton has been economical with the truth. Mel is fit again, and wants her daughter home. Kathy has to sort this out with Kenton.
  • At Grey Gables, Kenton arrives to enjoy the sight of the swim-suited beauties, only to be sent outside to control the car-parking. He is not amused. Eventually David takes pity on him, and offers to take over.
  • The swim is a great success. Usha and Lynda astound everyone with their competitiveness; Lilian provokes an outbreak of giggles in her racing attire.
  • Kenton arrives home to an angry Kathy. She’s had a bad evening with the children, and she tells him flatly that he must sort a flight out for Meriel before Christmas. Kenton plays the injured innocent. He says Mel is lying – she’s not fit yet. Kathy tells him that everyone in Ambridge is saying that Meriel needs her mother. Kenton tries to turn the tables on Kathy, suggesting she doesn’t want him there any longer. It’s not just about you, says Kathy; this just can’t go on for ever.

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