Will makes his feelings clear

Radio Times: Neil asks for a helping hand.

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  • Emma’s on edge about having Ed and Beth round for a meal. Her fears are well founded; when they arrive, Will is morose and at times, downright rude to his brother. A nervous Emma does her best to make them feel at home, and Beth chats happily away, admiring everything Emma serves.
  • Tom can think of just one thing – his business expansion. When he tries to pin Neil down about taking on more work, Neil reminds him that he’s got a lot on at present. What he really needs is help with the routine work. That’s fine, says Tom, as long as Neil realises he won’t get the envisaged pay-rise.
  • The evening at Casa Nueva goes from bad to worse. Ed and Beth wax lyrical about their travels, Emma thinks happily back to the honeymoon in Mexico. Will makes it clear that he’s like his guests to leave. Ed suggests a return dinner at home. Emma’s all for it; Will says he hasn’t any free evenings – and in any case, shouldn’t Ed consult Clarrie and Eddie before issuing invitations?
  • Tom tells Kirsty about his chat with Neil. She suggests that the butcher, Sam, might not want more work. That’s OK, says Tom airily. If he won’t do extra hours I’ll just get someone else in his place.

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