Ed’s determined to have fun

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  • Beth and Ed are having a lie in. She tries to sort out what is wrong between him and Will. But they don’t get anywhere. Especially after Clarrie interrupts! Beth is puzzled about how domesticated Emma is since she’s only 20. She wouldn’t be like that. At the moment they just want to have fun.
  • Jill and Ruth are helping the children make the Christmas puddings. Meriel is still playing up. Pip certainly enjoyed it. She is so capable these days. But she is really struggling with her homework and it takes for ever. The new contract has come through for the school meals service. That’s something worth drinking too.
  • It’s Clarrie and Eddie’s anniversary. Beth and Ed have bought a present but Eddie hasn’t arranged anything. Ed seems to be beginning to put two and two together about the possible timing of the baby. Clarrie seems to be none the wiser though. Still working on a honeymoon baby.

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