Ruth’s worried about the cows

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  • The butterfat is still falling in the Brookfield herd. This after a few weeks. Ruth thinks it might be the ration but David is more worried. Sam hasn’t noticed anything – except maybe they aren’t eating properly.
  • Lynda is cancelling rehearsals again which doesn’t go down well with Joe. But Lynda also wants to complain about the container in the field for the turkeys. And before she asks, Environmental Health has already cleared it. He manages to persuade her to think about a turkey though. Clarrie has booked off the day for plucking them but she wants a better heater than last year.
  • Ruth takes a long look at the cows – the first time for ages. She feels like she’s lost touch. Sam says she’s always welcome to look at the cows. It does look as if there is some problem with the fibre. The contractor seems to have cut the maize silage short. The contractor claims he told them but Ruth thinks he forgot. Ruth will have to keep a closer eye on the cows from now on.

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