Kathy finally has had enough of being dumped on by Kenton. Adam is almost as fed up with Ian and Owen.

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  • Kathy has finally had enough and dumps Meriel on Kenton in Jaxx. She’s got to go to work and she’s not giving up another whole day. She ends up telling all to Owen again.
  • Ruth thinks their stock is in with a chance of Best of Class at the Borchester prime stock show. David meanwhile is getting fed up with the paperwork. Ruth’s mum is off on a cruise for Christmas. The kids will miss her but she can’t turn down an invitation like that. So a smallish gathering but not sure what is happening about Kenton and Meriel. Maybe, for once, Pip is settling down a bit. But she could do with a real friend.
  • Adam is not impressed that Ian has arranged to show Owen round the kitchen – even though Ian has forgotten. Especially once Ian agrees to do it anyway and Adam has to tag along.
  • Kathy is fed up with Kenton. He hasn’t cooked any dinner and dumped Meriel on Emma. He just never thinks. He hasn’t even tried to find her a nursery place. When will he understand Meriel is his responsibility. When will he realise that sending her home is the best thing for everybody involved.

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