Kenton finally is persuaded to book a flight home for Meriel. Matt’s wife has dumped his guns, ruined, on Lilian’s lawn.

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  • The Tree Walk at Lower Loxley is going well. Hayley is arranging a Sunset Walk with fairy lights. Mike is also getting some work doing coppicing and hedging. Julia is still upset at the persistence of her “fan” Douglas. It’s beginning to get to her. He wants to meet up now.
  • Kenton has had another call from Mel. And Meriel is asking when she can go home. But he still he hasn’t booked the flights. He is really resenting Kathy pushing him. Oh dear, he will have to be the one who tells Meriel she can’t stay for Christmas.
  • Owen had to check with Nigel about whether a lunch party was turning up but Kathy is a bit distracted. She’s relieved that Kenton has agreed to take Meriel home, but who knows when. Owen takes it in hand and has found a couple of early flights on Sunday. Kathy is thrilled. Kenton less so but she won’t let him miss it so he reluctantly agrees – she really can’t wait to get rid of Merry can she.

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