Helen is making progress at the clinic, Beth is going to work at Jaxx and Kenton hints he might not be coming back from New Zealand.

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  • Helen is having another break from the clinic. It’s Pat and Tony’s 30th anniversary in a couple of weeks but they don’t feel up to a big celebration – just a meal out. Helen’s got some ideas for a city break for them maybe – to the Pearl Fishers perhaps. Tony, meantime is planning to go to Swirl – he’s always been a fan of R&B.
  • Kenton is trying to find cover for the café when he takes Meriel home but no luck so far. Helen’s done a couple hours working in the shop and is pretty tired. But she’ll get brownie points at the clinic for doing different things. Beth drops into the café to wait for Ed when Kenton sees his chance – turns out she’s an experienced waitress and she can start tomorrow. Emma and Beth are going to have such fun together
  • Roy and Tom are sorting out a kick about for football – might even be able to get a team together. Perhaps 5 a side.
  • Susan’s a bit fed up that the house is taking longer than she expected. Now Neil doesn’t think they will be in before the Spring.
  • Kenton tries to get a drink at the Bull but they’ve called time. Jolene says there will always be next time but Kenton thinks that’s just it – he doesn’t know if he’ll be around.

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