Beth starts work at Jaxx. It is going to break Kenton’s heart to see Meriel go.

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  • Eddie tries to wind up Ed about the girls at Swirl but Ed says that’s normal for clubbing. Ed will try to help out flogging the turkeys but he’s pretty tied up. Oliver thinks he has got a chance in the primestock show – an amazing beast.
  • Kenton has already got Beth playing up at Jaxx leaving Emma to do the work. Phil and Jill think she’s very nice. Emma is clearly working very hard though and getting quite tired.
  • Eddie has heard Matt Crawford is having a hot tub built at Honeysuckle along with other changes but he won’t give Eddie any work. He’s moving to Grey Gables while the work is done. Funny he’s not moving in with Lilian.
  • Beth is surprised to hear that Emma is planning to stay in, she and Ed are going to a club. Emma likes dancing but will isn’t so keen so they will probably just watch a DVD. When Ed turns up though, she decides it’s best to let Beth go early.
  • Phil and Jill will miss Meriel when she goes. It’s a pity they can’t see her more often but Mel doesn’t have a reason to bring her to England and they’ve got no reason to visit New Zealand. They don’t know if they will ever see Merry again. Kenton is playing for the sympathy vote too. It is going to break his heart.

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