Kenton finally flies back to New Zealand

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  • Kathy can’t wait to get Kenton and Meriel safely on the plane for New Zealand, but Kenton is far from happy. Jill and Beth call round for a final goodbye, as Meriel gives Bartleby a peppermint and Kenton wallows in self-pity
  • Beth tells Ed that she thinks Kenton is a total loser. She can’t think how Jaxx makes any money with the amount of time he takes off – but she’s not complaining; she likes the job there. Somehow she doesn’t seem quite so enthusiastic about Emma, though.
  • The Brookfield entry for the Fatstock Show undergoes a pre-show grooming. Ruth isn’t altogether in agreement with David’s ruling that Pip can’t have time off school to go to the show, but accepts that time off won’t help the homework worries. They agree to tell Pip she can get up early to wash and blow-dry the Hereford.
  • Beth is fascinated to see pheasants on the road. When Ed tells her that poaching is an old Grundy tradition, she’s keen to go along. Ed agrees; it will be one way of getting back at his game-keeper brother.
  • A relieved Kathy calls at the Grundys to say that Kenton and Meriel did finally board the flight. Perhaps Jamie will be happier now. Kathy certainly will be.

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