Lynda makes changes to her cast list.

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  • Lynda despairs as she tries to show Lilian some changes that she’s made to the script for Christmas Carol, as Lilian isn’t really listening: she seems more excited about going out with Matt to buy him a new car.
  • Tom proudly shows Kirsty some of his new pigs, and is full of his brilliant new business plan. Kirsty is concerned that he won’t be able to meet his debts, but Tom’s so full of his ideas that he doesn’t listen. Kirsty pours cold water on it all by asking whether his staffing problems are sorted out; they’re not.
  • Peggy is not happy at Lilian’s news that Matt has bought her an expensive new coat and taking her to Vienna. Lilian claims she’s doing Matt a favour by taking his money away from Yvette’s grasp.
  • Emma is evasive when Kirsty asks how she gets on with Beth. It’s becoming clear that she is not happy with the new arrangements at Jaxx.
  • Lilian laughs at Tom’s proposal to buy his parents opera tickets for their anniversary. Peggy plays Tom a selection of her opera CDs; Tom is bored rigid. He wonders if it really is such a good idea; maybe Pat could go to the opera while Tony does something else.
  • Lynda is furious; Neville Booth, who is playing Mr Fezziwig has dropped out of her production. Then Lilian tells her that she’s off to Vienna, and Lynda really flips. Kathy suggests that Owen might take part. Lynda’s not keen, but Kathy thinks it would build his confidence. Lynda has no choice but to agree.

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