Kathy builds on her friendship with Owen

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  • Will’s preparing for Thursday’s shoot. He needs more beaters, and asks Adam, but he’s busy getting ready for lambing. He offers to ask Debbie.
  • Ed’s kitting Beth out for some poaching. She’ll have to wear some old clothes of Will’s. She’s worried that Will might catch them, but Ed reassures her – he’ll be tucked up in bed.
  • Kenton phones Kathy, and is still whingeing. Mel’s had a major go at him and he’s bored silly. He says it was a big mistake to bring her back. Kathy’s not hugely sympathetic, as she tells Owen when he drops in. He wants Kathy to come out for a drink, but she can’t leave Jamie, so they open a bottle at home. Owen’s not keen on the idea of playing Fezziwig, but Kathy manages to talk him round.
  • Beth is entranced with the poaching expedition; she’s operating the torch to lamp the birds. When Ed starts potting pheasants, she’s delighted, and dares him to go home via Will’s cottage. They get so excited that they disturb Mitch, and Will comes out, threatening to call the police.

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