Rosettes all round but Will’s worried about the shoot.

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  • Brookfield has a minor setback on the day of the Fatstock Show. when Pip’s over-enthusiastic grooming makes the hairdryer blow up. Ed’s at the show, too, with Oliver’s Charollais.
  • Will tells Mike about the yobs who disturbed him last night. Mike’s spending his birthday clearing scrub ready for the shoot. Will’s anxious that it should go well, but is still short of beaters. Mike wonders if Brian might help out. Will’s embarrassed to have forgotten Mike’s birthday, but tries to make amends by offering him some lunch at Casa Nueva.
  • Ruth and David are delighted to get Best in Class; Pip will be so pleased – but also disappointed to have missed her moment of glory. Ed teases them about it, but he’s won a rosette, so they’re all happy; especially when Brookfield comes second overall in the show, second to Oliver and Ed’s Champion of Show, that is.
  • Mike enjoys a good spread served by Emma before she goes off to Jaxx. She won’t be drawn when Mike offers his opinion of Beth’s charms.
  • Ed comes to Jaxx to tell Beth the good news, and has a tense exchange with Emma. She realises that it was Ed making all the noise last night, and seems quite amused – but quickly backs off, saying she’s got things to do when he asks her to congratulate him on his win.

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