Susan gets a job offer

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  • Tom’s still full of his business expansion plans and somehow can’t see that other people don’t entirely see things his way. When he presses Susan for a decision about increasing her hours in the packaging department, she tells him that she really wants another job like the Borchester Green one. Tom immediately comes up with an idea – once he persuades the supermarket to sell is sausages nationally, he’ll be needing a PA. But she’ll have to keep packing for a while yet. Susan is delighted.
  • Beth’s constant chatter about her exciting travel plans and her life with Ed is beginning to irritate Emma – as is Beth’s reluctance to pull her weight at Jaxx. When Beth happens to say that Ed is cooking pheasant for her at the weekend, Susan puts two and two together; Beth and Ed have been poaching Will’s pheasants.
  • Susan can’t wait to tell Emma about Tom’s job offer. She’s worried about leaving Betty alone at the shop – but Emma tells her to take the job; offers like that don’t come every day.
  • Tom drops some incredibly heavy hints to Tony about the planned wedding anniversary surprise, and quickly realises that culture and Tony don’t exactly mix. But he’s manages to book a tour of the Lamborghini factory as an antidote to the opera, and just has to tell Tony to keep that weekend free.

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