Adam gets jealous; Kathy gets cross; Sid gets turned down; Owen gets his act together.

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  • It’s a big night for Ambridge as the Christmas lights are switched on. It’s also a big night for whingeing. Sid moans to Will about yobs and to Jolene about the fact that people think he’s no longer fit, now he’s sixty. Fallon has plans to taxi people to The Bull for her DJ nights; Will is strangely uninterested.
  • Adam’s whingeing, too – Brian’s told him and Debbie they have to act as beaters for the shoot. Ian’s not very sympathetic.
  • Owen’s getting in a real state about learning his lines, and all Kathy’s attempts at coaching and encouragement do nothing to bolster his confidence. He decides to drop out, but eventually agrees to do it for Kathy, and they go off to the rehearsal together.
  • The lights are switched on to general approbation and the sound of a brass band. Sid tries to take over organising the 5-a-side football. Will gently rejects his offer, and Sid throws a wobbler.
  • Owen and Kathy have a post-rehearsal drink together, and Owen buys Ian a drink for showing him round the kitchen. Adam isn’t pleased, and makes his feelings abundantly clear. In a fit of jealousy he tells Ian he doesn’t like Owen, he’s a creep and a phony. Ian says he’ll choose his own friends, and Adam storms out.
  • Kenton rings Kathy from New Zealand, to say he’s going to stay for a month or so; he’s got no choice. Kathy loses her temper, and tells him he’s selfish and has let her and Jamie down. When he does come back his stuff will be at Jaxx. She’s throwing him out.

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