Kathy breaks the news that Kenton isn’t coming home for Christmas but Owen agrees to go to the pantomime in his place.

Radio Times: Kenton gets the boot.

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  • Kathy is still fed up with Kenton but Jamie is more worried about whether he can still go to the panto. Owen turns up to offer them a lift to the rehearsal and Kathy pours out her troubles to him. She doesn’t know what she is going to do for Christmas now. But Owen is happy to go to the panto in Kenton’s stead. Jamie doesn’t sound to impressed.
  • Christopher is whinging about having to turn up for rehearsals. Lynda is certainly putting the pressure on. But people have noticed that Kathy was keen for Owen to have a part. And they spot a hug between them which gets Susan thinking. It doesn’t seem to have improved his acting though.
  • Neil and Susan aren’t going to be in the house for Christmas so who knows what they will do for Christmas lunch. But Christopher offers to pay for them to go to Grey Gables. Shula is going to Brookfield but they don’t know about Kenton – he hasn’t been in touch since he got to NZ.
  • Kathy is pretty fed up that Kenton hasn’t even bothered to ring his family to tell them he isn’t coming home for Christmas. He’s leaving Emma in charge of the café – but she’s 5 months pregnant and newly married. Kathy is going to stick to men she can rely on in future.

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