Emma takes a firm line with Beth and Owen swaps his day off for the panto.

Radio Times: Owen pulls some strings.

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  • Emma doesn’t mind the responsibility of the café but she’s pretty fed up with Beth. She’s always late and does like the sound of her own voice. She’ll have to sort that out now she’s the boss. And William thinks that includes sorting out Ed if he’s distracting her. They are both doing so well and William will get to boss Adam and Debbie around at the shoot! Great isn’t it!
  • Owen makes a huge fuss about needing to change his day off to Wednesday. Elizabeth is less than impressed being disturbed getting the kids to school. But she agrees to sort something out. Gossip is spreading about Owen and Kathy but Elizabeth says it’s ridiculous.
  • Emma takes a firm stand with Beth when she’s late again and Beth insinuates that Emma and William are having problems. She tries to get to the bottom of what the problem is between Ed and William – she thinks it’s sibling rivalry and she can say this because she’s new. But Emma isn’t impressed with her plans to get “everything out on the table”. She wants it dropped.

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