Jack blurts out that Pat and Tony’s anniversary surprise is a fishing trip!

Radio Times: Pat gets a nasty surprise.

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  • The surprise for Pat and Tony is coming along and they are getting very excited. Tom’s butcher doesn’t want to take on any more hours so he’s going to need to find a replacement. Kirsty is determined she doesn’t want babies yet after seeing Emma at the café. She found it very depressing to see her getting trapped.
  • Pat has come to visit Peggy and Jack to tell them that Helen is feeling up to doing a day’s work in the shop although he seems to have trouble remembering. She’ll have to go back to the clinic afterwards but things are looking brighter. Jack tries to drop hints about where they are going for their anniversary and he manages to blurt out they are going on a fishing trip!
  • Ruth and David are still struggling with Christmas preparations. Josh will be impossible if he finds out Jamie is going to the panto. David wonders if Josh could have Kenton’s but Ruth explains about Owen. Seems he has a bit of a crush on Kathy which is curious because Adam thinks he has a crush on Ian!
  • Pat tells Tony about the “fishing trip”. He is thrilled but Pat isn’t too pleased. She’s going to have problems looking surprised and delighted when she gets the tickets.
  • The Bull didn’t make the national final but Sid is working off his disappointment by getting involved in the football team. Tom isn’t too pleased. He thought he’d had the last of Sid’s sporting advice.

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