Pat and Tony are pleased with the plans for their trip. Owen is getting difficult about rehearsals.

Radio Times: Tom has a moment of triumph.

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  • Lynda is putting the pressure on over rehearsals. She’s got Owen and Clarrie doing extra rehearsals. She finds him a bit difficult to get on with but Kathy seems to get on with him. Pat doesn’t think there is anything in it but Clarrie has heard talk.
  • Pat is still disappointed about the trip but Clarrie thinks Jack might have got it wrong. Pat doesn’t see how. But she’ll know soon enough. Helen got on okay in her first day at the shop but found it rather tiring. Makes a change to hear her even admit things like that. She is normally trying to be wonder woman.
  • Tom spells out the anniversary treat and is very confused at Tony’s sudden obsession with rivers. But they work out what has caused the confusion.
  • Owen puts his foot down about even more rehearsals and won’t watch the video of the dance Lynda has prepared. And he is quite difficult about practising the dancing too. Lynda had no idea how bad he was going to be.

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